Establishing relationships with church and ministry leaders throughout the world creates new opportunities that allow the Kingdom to grow, reaching more of the lost, seeing more people healed and planting more churches around the world.
Through the Apostolic Network we are working together to develop a culture which will sustain revival, made possible through growing relationships and on-going training. Strategic networking allows members to pool their resources so that their efforts will have the greatest impact on the world around them. New and deepening relationships offer network members a source of accountability, partnership and relational support from experienced church planters and pastors, strengthening members and providing a place of unity and growth. In addition to relational support, the Apostolic Network has a team of trained leaders to equip churches who desire increase in the lifestyle of power evangelism. Further opportunities to receive training and impartation are available at our Network Advances, held each year before Voice of the Prophets and Voice of the Apostles. Open to senior pastors and ministry leaders, these meetings are a perfect opportunity to forge new relationships and connections and strengthen existing ones. Under a unified vision, we intend to advance the Kingdom of God on the Earth. Together, we are able to fulfill our mission and its goals.